Sydney Graphic Design, Logo Design & Website Design

Sydney Graphic Design, Logo Design & Website DesignRed Ant Media is a Sydney graphic design agency that offers graphic design, logo design and website design services for small to medium businesses.

Seasons Greetings

16 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

We hope you have a great break and look forward to working with you in 2009!

the 7 Steps To A Successful Website

Step 1. Purpose
What will the website do?

The first thing to consider before embarking on a website design is it's purpose. A website must have a function in the day-to-day operation of your business.

Before designing your website take into consideration what it's primary function will be. Examples of the types of purposes that a website can have are online sales, business promotion, news portals, customer retention and lead generation…

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New Branding for Red Ant Media

10 November 2008

Red Ant Media's new logo

With our move to Glebe, Red Ant Media decided that it was time to update our own branding, and the first step was to redesign our logo.

A key element of re-branding is to maintain your business identity, and with that in mind we have reworked the “ants” so as to keep them consistant with our old logo, and moved in a new direction with our typeface.

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recent Logo design

Waterloo Finance: Logo Design Training It Professionals: Logo Design Waterloo Finance: Logo Design

Recent logo designs by Red Ant Media include Waterloo Finance, Training IT Professionals and BizDev.

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business card design

Business cards often provide the first impression of your company to potential clients & customers and offer an inexpensive way of getting your name out there.

AJI Wholesome: Business Card Design Business Navigation Group: Business Card Design Lushous Strings: Business Card Design

Recent business card designs by Red Ant Media include AJI Wholesome, Business Navigation Group and Lushous Strings.

Follow the link here for our business card design portfolio.

Graphic Design Services

Red Ant Media's services inlude graphic design for banners, posters & signage, graphic design of company brochures, graphic design for corporate documents, graphic design of flyers & invitations, logo design & icon design, graphic design for print & press advertisements and graphic design of business & corporate stationery.

To compliment our graphic design services we also offer graphic design for Microsoft Word documents & PowerPoint presentations, an illustration service and digital photographic manipulation & retouching services.

Print Brokering

Looking for affordable printing? Red Ant Media works with a number of printers, both locally and nationally, and can help find the right one for both your timeframe and budget.

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Sydney Graphic Design, Logo Design & Website Design

Sydney Graphic Design, Logo Design & Website DesignRed Ant Media is a Practice Member
of The Design Institute of Australia, Australia's professional membership body for designers and design businesses.

Recent Website Design

The Millennium Trilogy

Stieg Larsson Website

December 2008

The Millennium Trilogy. Stieg Larsson website design for Murdoch Books.

Affordable Web Hosting

Windows & Linux Hosting

As part of our web design services Red Ant Media nows offers Windows hosting to supplement our existing Linux hosting.

Our Windows servers are Sydney based, run Dual Xeon processors with a minimum 2GB ECC RAM, have premium multi-homed bandwidth with daily automatic backups and RAID 10 sophisticated redundancy.

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Simple Content Management

When designing websites for content management Red Ant Media works with two open source content managment systems to develop affordable client sites. They are CMS Made Simple and WordPress.

We have been very impressed with the ease of use of these systems and provide for an inexpensive, reliable and user-friendly way of managing information & content on your own website.

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